Dave Mustaine Reflects On Sammy Hagar’s Contribution To The New Megadeth Album


In a recent appearance on SiriusXM Liquid Metal, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine talked about the band’s upcoming album. The musician gave thrilling news about a particular song from the album and revealed a guest musician.

Megadeth faced a strange event where their bassist David Ellefson was accused of being a pedophile after his explicit messages with an underage girl were leaked. Although it was later revealed that the woman wasn’t underage, it became problematic as the bassist was married to Julie Foley.

After the controversial event, the band fired the musician and was on the lookout for a new bassist. They recently announced that they hired Testament’s Steve DiGiorgio. The band will release their first album with their new bassist this summer, and the fans are excited.

The album is unique in many ways because it will be DiGiorgio’s first Megadeth album and features a surprising name. Dave Mustaine recently revealed that Sammy Hagar features in one song as well. The musician stated that the new album includes a cover version of the Red Rocker’s song named ‘This Planet’s On Fire.’

However, Megadeth didn’t record the song independently as it has Hagar’s guitar playing. He talked about how Hagar’s presence affected the band and called the song’ badass.’ Mustaine stated that his guitar contributions made the song heavy, and the track turned out great with the music and the singing.

Here is what he stated about Hagar’s presence:

“It’s a super-heavy song. And the good thing about this is we didn’t just do the song; Sammy played on it too. So we’ve got a little bit of some guitar; we’ve got a lot of bit of singing. I think it’s super badass.”

The album ‘The Sick, The Dying, and the Dead’ will be released on July 8. It will be Megadeth’s first album in six years as they released their latest record in 2016. Even though there are rumors about Ellefson rejoining the band someday, it doesn’t seem like Dave Mustaine is looking positively at that idea and is happy with the new bassist selection.

You can listen to ‘This Planet’s On Fire’ below.