Chris Cornell’s Seattle Mural Gets Vandalized

Son Duong, an activist and Seattle-based artist specializing in portraiture and murals, shared a post on his official Instagram account to share a video of him repairing the destroyed mural of Chris Cornell. The late musician’s wife, Vicky Cornell, also took to Instagram to show her gratitude to the artist who restored her late husband’s mural.

The Soundgarden vocalist had accomplished so many things during his tenure with the band, including paving the way for the grunge movement. However, after a long struggle with depression and drug addiction, Chris Cornell committed suicide in his hotel room on May 18, 2017, after completing the Soundgarden concert at the Fox Theatre.

Chris Cornell married Vicky Karayiannis in 2004, and the couple remained married until the singer’s passing. The pair founded a non-profit organization called the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation in 2012 to help others in need. Although the couple was in the business of doing good, many haters still want to tarnish the late star’s name, even by vandalizing his mural in West Seattle.

The Seattle-based artist Son Duong thanked Fox 13 Seattle for featuring his art of Chris Cornell on the news. Although it wasn’t her first time fighting back against vandals, Chris Cornell’s wife, Vicky, still wanted to show love to Duong, who restored the mural of her late husband.

Son Duong’s words in the news video:

“I had to do it because this is Seattle, and this is him. And when I did it, it was great; it was a very heart-warming situation. What I like to do is to make people feel good about the art I do. Let’s just do it because it is for the community; it is for Seattle.”

Vicky Cornell’s IG post read:

“Thank you so much, loud love, Son Duong.”

The vandalization of Cris Cornell’s mural wasn’t the first time something like this happened. A couple of years ago, haters vandalized Chris Cornell’s statue at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle using white paint. Vicky stood firm and managed to restore the statue to honor her late husband’s legacy.

You can watch Duong’s interview with Fox 13 below.