Chad Kroeger Is Proud Nickelback Could Do What Oasis Couldn’t

Nickelback appeared at the National Music Centre for a question and answer session. Now the inductee of the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame, the band answered some questions about their career and revealed what they were proud of that Oasis couldn’t do.

The band was asked what they have been most proud of throughout their career, to which Kroeger replied with the following:

“Staying together as a band.”

The guitarist Ryan Peake added:

“I don’t know if you’ve seen bands, but it’s kind of hard to do, to keep four personalities together.”

The frontman then mentioned Oasis and Gallagher’s hate towards each other:

“Not that we were ever in any danger of splitting up. It’s just you do see a lot of bands with brothers in them that fight like cats and dogs. God, how long is the world trying to get Oasis back together? I mean, they hate each other.”

Kroeger mentioned their music career and came to realize that they have been making music for so long:

“But yeah, I am proud of the fact that it’s, that’s another weird thing too that people are like, ‘On this brand new tour supporting their 10th studio album,’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God, we’re old.’ But it’s surreal. I’m definitely proud of the fact that 27 years later, we’re still a band.”

The band was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the 2023 Juno Awards and made it official by placing their plaque at the National Music Centre’s Studio Bell in Calgary.

The honor came right before Nickelback’s 2023 North American tour, which kicked off from June 12th in Quebec City to August 8th in Belmont Park, New York.

Watch the Q&A below.