Carmine Appice Would Still Work With Ozzy Despite Issues With Sharon

In a new interview with Dr. Music, Carmine Appice talked about whether he would work with Ozzy Osbourne again, even after their beef with Ozzy’s wife Sharon Osbourne.

He was asked whether or not he would accept if Ozzy called him and asked him to play drums on a new record. Both the drummer and the interviewer acknowledged that it wasn’t about the Black Sabbath rocker but his wife. Appice said:

“Whatever. I don’t hold grudges. If you hold grudges, you’re out of business. When it was happening it was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ She cut the heads off my merch, my t-shirts. My roadie came up and told me this, the guy who was with me was my guy. And when that riser didn’t work, I said, ‘Would she do this?’ and Bob [Daisley] said ‘Definitely.’ I said ‘Wow.’ My mind was blown.”

What The Feud Is About

Back in the 80s, Appice was offered to work with Ozzy. The rocker accepted the offer, but things went downhill.

Sharon didn’t approve of Appice having his own publicist, selling his own merch, and making extra money to himself from it. The tour accountant would take his earnings from the pot, but Sharon wasn’t happy about it at all. Handling his own press, he was getting too big for Sharon. However, Sharon only wanted Appice to back up Ozzy. As a result, she fired him, and the drummer ended up in court with Ozzy.

The rocker told in earlier interviews that he wanted to drum on Ozzy’s next album and contribute to the songwriting part. He added that he ‘wasn’t getting the percentage,’ but was still making good money on his own.

You can see the interview below.