Buzz Osborne Recalls Firing Kurt Cobain From His Project With Melvins


Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne recently gave an interview to Metal Hammer and talked about the band’s musical journey. He also recalled their collaboration with Nirvana’s iconic singer Kurt Cobain and why it failed.

The success of grunge indeed paved the way for the emergence of many other bands in the music scene. Especially after the groundbreaking albums like ‘Nevermind’ and ‘Dirt,’ the producers started to look for new superstars. During this time, Melvins attracted the attention of Atlantic Records and released several successful albums with the label.

Melvins had already released four studio albums before cutting a deal with Atlantic Records, but they hadn’t attracted much attention. When Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain named Melvins among his favorite bands, it also contributed to their popularity. Melvins’ first album through Atlantic Records, ‘Houdini,’ was released in 1993, which featured Kurt Cobain as one of the co-producers.

During his recent conversation, Melvins’ Buzz Osborne reflected on working with Kurt Cobain and said the Nirvana icon would attned the recording sessions, listen to the songs, and give his opinions on them. Although they made a good start, their collaboration was severely impacted by Cobain’s struggles with drug abuse.

Osborne admitted that it got to a point where he couldn’t work with Kurt Cobain anymore. Thus, he contacted Atlantic Records and expressed that he didn’t want to collaborate with the Nirvana icon anymore, and they eventually signed with another producer, GGGarth Richardson.

Here is how Buzz Osborne talked about their time with Kurt Cobain:

“During the last part of him being there, he was a mess, drug-wise. I went to Atlantic and said I couldn’t make it work with him. I had no interest in going public with Kurt’s problems – I didn’t feel it was anybody’s business. I just wanted him off the project, and that’s when we got GGGarth Richardson.”

It looks like Buzz Osborne wanted to stop working with Cobain before things got worse for both sides, as it was probably apparent that Kurt Cobain wouldn’t be helpful in the studio. Still, Buzz was also determined not to publicize the struggles that Kurt Cobain was facing because it wasn’t ‘anybody’s business.’