Buzz Osborne Complaints About ‘Boring’ Guitar Players

Buzz Osborne wants guitar players to be more courageous.

The rocker recently sat down with Total Guitar for an interview and gave playing advice to the musicians:

“I wish guitar players were more adventurous. But they’re just not. They seem like the most conservative people on the face of the planet. You can’t get them to do anything left of centre.”

He added as a further encouragement:

“Try something new. You might just like it!”

What Does Buzz Think About Jimi Hendrix?

Elsewhere in his interview, Osborne talked about his admiration for Jimi Hendrix but also said his technique was wrong:

“In lots of circles, Hendrix is considered the greatest guitar player ever. But there’s not a guitar teacher in the world that would ever teach anyone to play a guitar like that.”

He continued:

“It doesn’t make any sense. Hendrix played weird! His technique is wrong. Everything is out of tune, everything is wrong, but he’s the best. If he’s the best, then wouldn’t you want to teach people that sensibility?”

Buzz also didn’t include Hendrix in his list of guitarists who shaped his sound. Among his choices were Pete Townshend, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, and Gary Chester.

The musician released his latest album, ‘Tarantula Heart,’ with the Melvins on April 19, 2024. While the band has no scheduled shows for now, Osborne will hit the road in the summer with Mr. Bungle bassist Trevor Dunn. The King Dunn Tour tour starts on August 1 in Pioneertown, California, and ends with a show in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 26.