Bryan Adams Says None Of The Awards He Won Interested Him

Bryan Adams recently spoke to Classic Rock and reflected on his long-term, successful professional music career. The singer revealed that his outstanding achievements didn’t interest him as much as making music.

The launch of his self-titled debut album in 1980 marked the beginning of Bryan Adams’ remarkable career in music. His third studio album, ‘Cuts Like a Knife,‘ released in 1983, brought his breakthrough and carried him into mainstream popularity. The record included some of his well-known songs, ‘Straight from the Heart,’ and ‘This Time.’ The following albums were also instant success and global hits.

The Canadian artist released his fifteenth and latest studio album, ‘So Happy It Hurts,’ on March 11, 2022. The singer’s biggest inspirations in the album’s making process were the pandemic and lockdown period. Adams played all the instruments besides the vocals. The musician has been currently touring in the UK to promote his latest record. Following his last show in the UK on July 11, he will continue hitting the road across Europe and Canada.

Looking back at his remarkable professional music career, Bryan Adams stands out with numerous notable achievements. The interviewer asked the singer whether he had other goals in the following years. Adams surprisingly revealed that none of them interested him as much as making music. All he wants to do is keep producing good music, so he doesn’t have an eye on such big goals. His only definition of success relates to consistently putting out new material and performing on the stage.

When asked about his future goals, Bryan Adams answered:

“Honestly, none of that stuff interests me. I’m only about the music. I have no great aspirations. Success for me is being able to keep on doing this.”

You can listen to his latest album below.