Rou Reynolds Says Enter Shikari Have No Intention To Take Over The World

In a refreshing break from the usual band bravado, Enter Shikari’s frontman Rou Reynolds recently got interviewed by Kerrang! and said that the band has no interest in world domination. In a world where musicians often tout their plans to conquer the music scene, Reynolds makes it clear that Enter Shikari is more humble and has no intention to raise expectations by claiming they will take over the world.

Their most recent album, ‘A Kiss for the Whole World,’ was released on April 21. The band has been stable and releasing music since their formation in 1999 but they are just focused on making music and enjoying the sounds themselves. This is how other people would enjoy them too, as indicated by Reynolds. Despite their long and successful career, the band has never boasted about being the best in the world, setting them apart from many of their peers.

Reynolds emphasized that Enter Shikari is not the type of band that gloats or raises expectations and then stops making music. He seems to be aware of the pressures and pitfalls of constantly trying to outdo oneself, and the band has chosen a different path.

The musician explained:

“We’ve never been the type of band that you see on the cover, going, ‘We’re gonna f*cking take over the world,’ and then they’ve disappeared six months later. There seems to be this really pervasive idea that every album has to be bigger and better, and you must get into bigger rooms and you must keep doing another rung on the ladder.

We’ve got to the stage where it’s almost common knowledge now that doing things like that won’t bring you happiness, this external validation thing. That doesn’t really help your inner peace with the world and with yourself.”

Enter Shikari is a rare breed of band that refuses to buy into the hype of conquering the music world. Instead, they focus on creating meaningful art and maintaining a grounded perspective on their success. Happiness and inner peace can’t be found in chasing external validation.