Bryan Adams Says He Had To Play All The Instruments For His Latest Album

Bryan Adams recently attended to Late Night Berlin show and talked about how he made an entire record on his own during the pandemic. The musician stated that his band couldn’t get to the recording, so he had to play all the instruments on his own.

Being involved in creating and performing music since the age of 15, Bryan Adams is still active with his Bryan Adams Band. He topped charts throughout his career and became known as one of the top musicians in the world with his band that backs him up to record in the studio and performances.

During the global pandemic that roughly began in early 2020, many musicians gave a break to recording, performances, and tours as they were all canceled for public safety. While many musicians took a rest from their heavily busy schedule during the outbreak, Bryan Adams didn’t let a global pandemic stop him from creating.

The restrictions prevented him from uniting with his backing band in the studio, and he had to find another way to record the songs he had been working on during his spare time. The musician released his sixteenth studio album named ‘So Happy It Hurts’ in 2022 and had previously explained the process in an interview with Rock Cellar. The album reached number one on the UK Independent albums charts upon its release.

In his recent interview, Bryan Adams revealed that he improvised to record his new album because his band couldn’t come to the studio. Therefore, the musician went to the studio on his own and played each instrument on ‘So Happy It Hurts’ along with his vocals. Moreover, Adams worked with the man, who usually made tea in the studio, as an engineer, and the duo made an entire album.

Here is what the interviewer asked:

“You do everything by yourself. During the pandemic, you did a whole new album. You were writing it, recording it, composing it. You had all the instruments, and you were playing them all by yourself in the studio.”

Adams’ answer follows:

“I’m an egomaniac. I couldn’t put the band together because they wouldn’t leave the house, so I sat down with a guy who was from my studio. He made the tea at my studio. I said, ‘Okay, you’re now the engineer. Let’s make some music.’ That’s what we did for a year.”

You can watch the entire show and listen to Adams’ new album below.