Bruce Springsteen Shares The One Condition He Would Retire

As there’s no set age or album limit for creating quality music, it is tough to have a retirement plan in the music business. However, artists are frequently asked about it, especially after they reach a certain age. For a performer, stepping away from the stage is an important decision, especially for a prominent name like Bruce Springsteen. In a recent appearance on the Howard Stern Show, the 73-year-old singer delivered his opinions on his possible retirement.

“No, I can’t imagine it,” sharply said Springsteen when asked whether he had considered retiring at any given time. He then revealed that he would be performing on the stage as long as he had the ability and strength to do that. “If I got to a point where I was incapacitated or something, but up until then, I think I am here.”

He continued, sharing that he has many old singers that he takes as an example, “Look at Johnny Cash or Pete Seeger. I played with Pete Seeger in Washington at Obama’s inauguration. Pete was 91 or 92, and he came out and said, ‘This Land Is Your Land.’ So, I look at those guys. I don’t know if I’ll be doing three-hour shows, but I have so many different kinds of music that I can play and do.”

“The Broadway Show I can do the rest of my life in one form or another if I wanted to. I can’t imagine retirement, no,” the musician highlighted, confirming that he had no plans of retiring at this moment because he could still continue performing in different forms and ways.

Throughout his prolific career spanning over five decades, Bruce Springsteen has released twenty studio albums and performed a great many extensive tours. The singer’s twenty-first studio effort, ‘Only the Strong Survive,’ is also on the way. The record, featuring R&B and soul covers, will hit the shelves on November 11, 2022.