John Lennon’s Son Julian Says He Was Tired Of Being The ‘Second John’

John Lennon’s son, Julian, recently joined an interview with Good Morning Britain and explained why he changed his name while discussing the sentimental meaning of this gesture.

Julian Lennon came to the world without knowing that he would be the son of a world-renowned musician. When he got older, he decided to embark on his musical journey in 1984 and has since released seven albums. Although he tried to build his own music career, many described him as ‘John Lennon’s son’ or ‘Second John,’ and thus, he always felt overshadowed by the Beatles, and primarily his father.

It is known that Julian Lennon has had problems with his father since childhood, so it is possible to think that being called ‘Second John’ not only damaged his freedom and autonomy in his music career but also reminded him of childhood traumas. As things go like this, in 2020, the singer decided to change his name and played with the arrangement of his three first names, settling on Julian Charles John Lennon.

A couple of years later, following a hiatus of almost ten years, his new album ‘Jude’ took its place on the shelves on September 9, 2022. The title refers to the Beatles classic ‘Hey Jude,’ written by Paul McCartney after he was inspired by five-year-old Julian’s traumatizing childhood. Julian had revealed in a previous statement that he was finally able to face the lyrics of the song that was written to comfort him after his father left his mother. As for the cover art, it features a childhood photo of Julian, and the title is written in Paul McCartney’s handwriting, which was taken from his old notes.

In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, Julian Lennon talked about both this new album and the process of changing his name. He said that everyone called him Julian or Jules, even when his name was John Charles Julian Lennon. He also revealed that being known as Second John was tiring and frustrating, so he changed his name to finally become himself, Julian.

Here is what Julian Lennon said about changing his name:

“It was sort of… I went to a coming of age; it was taking ownership of that name and, or that I’ve been through since that time, really. And also, you know, I went through a process in 2020 of changing my name because I was originally John Charles Julian Lennon. But everybody called me Julian or Jules, you know.

And I just felt I was a bit tired of being the ‘Second John’ and I wanted to be me. So I changed my name to Julian and switched John and Julian around. So I’m Julian Charles John Lennon. And, hence, you know, finally being me, finally being Julian and Jules, ‘Hey Jude,’ etc. then. So that’s just one of the many reasons why it’s called that.”

You can watch the full interview on YouTube below.