Bruce Springsteen Beats David Bowie And Michael Jackson In Number One Albums

Bruce Springsteen has beat artists like David Bowie and Michael Jackson in the UK number 1 album count after his twelfth album made it on the list.

David Bowie, one of the icons of the 20th century, occasionally enjoyed commercial success during his career. The artist, whose albums have been successful globally, has several number 1 albums, both in the United States and the UK. He has 11 UK number 1 records, including ‘Diamond Dogs,’ ‘Scary Monsters,’ ‘Super Creeps,’ and ‘Aladdin Sane.’

Michael Jackson also achieved significant chart success on a global scale throughout his career, and his works ranked number 1 on several charts. He has scored 10 UK number 1 albums, including ‘Thriller,’ ‘Bad,’ ‘Dangerous,’ and ‘Invincible.’ However, both artists’ records seem to have been recently broken by Bruce Springsteen.

The Official Charts Company continues to present the latest state of the music market, and according to their 2021 charts, one of Bruce Springsteen‘s albums has become UK’s number 1, making it his twelfth album to rank at the top. By placing another album in this category, Springsteen has surpassed his contemporaries, such as Michael Jackson and David Bowie, who had 10 and 11 albums on the list, respectively.

The album in question, ‘Letter To You,’ is Springsteen’s twentieth studio album and was released in 2020. Before this album, Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA,’ ‘Tunnel of Love,’ ‘Human Touch,’ ‘Greatest Hits,’ The Rising,’ ‘Devils & Dust,’ ‘Magic,’ ‘Working on a Dream,’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ albums were also listed as UK number 1.

In this now-updated ranking, Bruce shares second place with Madonna, who dropped her twelfth UK number 1 album in 2019. At the top of the list are Elvis Presley and Robbie Williams, with 13 albums.