Bruce Kulick Defends Carmine Appice Against Nikki Sixx’s Slagging

Bruce Kulick recently went on the ‘Shout It Out Loudcast’ podcast and shared where he stands regarding Nikki Sixx and Carmine Appice’s beef. Kulick said:

“Carmine [Appice] is a legend; he’s still active out there, he’s still playing great. I love that he doesn’t take any shit from anybody. He told it like it was. Nikki and him, I don’t really know the beef, but he wasn’t afraid of Nikki Sixx. So go for it, Carmine, you’re a legend.”

Sixx and Appice’s recent feud started with Carmine saying that Mick Mars had left Mötley Crüe because the guitarist was not happy with using backing tracks during shows. Nikki replied to Carmine’s comments on Twitter and wrote:

“A washed-up drummer speaking for our band without any of the facts is as ridiculous as bottom-feeder media running with stories without fact-checking. When you hear the truth, it will be from us.”

The drummer responded to Sixx’s ‘washed-up drummer’ comment and said:

“At least this washed-up drummer can play his instrument well who has pioneered heavy rock drumming and can educate others around the world on his instrument!”

Besides the beef, Kulick praised the drummer during the podcast episode and added that everything Carmine said and did were all true. He explained:

“Everything he says about what he did and who he knows, and how influential he is, is one thousand percent true, a million percent true, so my hats off to him. Now I played a lot more with Vinnie [Vincent] than Carmine, and I love Vinnie. He’s a solid player, but man Carmine wrote the book on that stuff, and that’s why he’s still out there, so God bless him.”

You can listen to Bruce Kulick’s interview with the ‘Shout It Out Loudcast’ podcast here and read Nikki Sixx and Carmine Appice’s tweets below.