Bruce Dickinson Shares His Secret To Clean Vocals During Iron Maiden’s Shows

Most of us know what a powerful voice Bruce Dickinson has. However, we do not see what he does backstage to keep his vocals at a certain level. Yet, thanks to a behind-the-scenes video released on Iron Maiden’s official YouTube account, we now know the secrets of the legendary singer.

“Obviously, I’ve got my bits and bobs here,” Dickinson said before starting to share his backstage habits. “All I have is water and coffee, to say, most of the time, I don’t even drink the coffee. Literally, I just smell the coffee. The water, for anybody who’s interested, is always warm, literally not chilled.”

He continued, “It’s actually physically warm. So that sort of helps rehydration. Also helps the throat and stuff like that. Cold water is the enemy of all things, singing. Towels and tissues because I get very snotty when I sing properly and all stuff to blow my nose a lot.”

Drinking water seems to be one of the critical points for the singer. He noted, “After running around, [I] nip off, drink water. I go to about between a liter and a half and two liters of water that I actually drink during the show. I’m going to lose about three to three and a half liters during a show. So I’m about a liter in deficit by the time I get back to the hotel, so I put that on.”

The video was shot as part of the metal giants’ Legacy of the Beast World Tour, and at one of their concerts, they invited their listeners to witness their offstage experience. The extensive tour, which started in 2018, ended in October 2022 in Tampa, Florida, and they gave more than 100 shows.

As Iron Maiden’s schedule is this busy, protecting his voice while flying from one place to another seems to have become one of Dickinson’s biggest responsibilities. We also know how dehydrated he gets trying to give those legendary concerts. But the rocker seems pretty careful about it, and water has been his best backstage friend.