Bruce Dickinson Might Finally Confirm The Name Of New Iron Maiden Album In His Latest Announcement, Fans Speculate

Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson started new speculations about the name of Iron Maiden’s upcoming 17th studio album with his announcement in a recent Instagram video shortly after he had joined an interview wearing a t-shirt that was writing ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’ on it.

Iron Maiden released its 16th studio album ‘The Book of Souls’ on September 4, 2015. Bruce Dickinson was on the vocals, Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith were on the guitars, Steve Harris was on the bass, and Nicko McBrain was on the drums. The album reached number one on the charts of 24 different countries.

The fans have been waiting for the release of a new record for a long time since the release of Iron Maiden’s latest album. Iron Maiden fans recently got very excited about the clues given by Bruce Dickinson even though there wasn’t any official announcement about neither the title nor the release date of the upcoming album. Dickinson wore Belshazzar’s Feast t-shirt in both his recent interview and the video which was posted on the band’s Instagram account.

In the Instagram video, Bruce Dickinson invited everyone to Belshazzar’s Feast on July 15, 2021, which made the fans speculate about the name and release date of the upcoming album. Belshazzar’s Feast is a story that belonged to chapter 5 of ‘the Book of Daniel’ but it is also known by another name, ‘Writing On The Wall.’ While the fans have been making guesses about the name of the new Iron Maiden album, suggesting it would be ‘Writing On The Wall,’ the latest announcement of Dickinson seemed to be supporting these claims. 

Here’s what Dickinson said in the Instagram video:

“July the 15th. Rain or shine, heaven or hell, man or beast, you’re invited to Belshazzar’s Feast… But your mum can’t come.”

You can watch the video below.