Bruce Dickinson Doesn’t Regret Saying ‘Iron Maiden Is Better Than Metallica’

Bruce Dickinson recently recalled calling Iron Maiden better than Metallica, and he does not regret saying so.

Back in 2011, the frontman elaborated on a comment in which he boasted that his band was superior to Metallica. Of course, this caused trouble for Dickinson and got many negative comebacks. Still, he seems proud of what he said, as he stated in a new interview with Classic Rock:

“What I said was: We will sweep away the past by doing an amazing future. Though the first words out of my gobby mouth were: Of course, we are better than Metallica! People said: ‘You can’t say that.’ I said: I just did. Then they started going: ‘Maybe he’s right.'”

Clarifying that in order to be famous, one has to have the attitude, he continued:

“You’ve got to have that attitude, though. It’s like Mick Jagger didn’t get to be Mick Jagger by sitting there going [apologetically]: ‘Oh, we’re quite good, you know, we’re almost as good as The Beatles.’ I also told them that we are not to just do ‘greatest hits’ albums, we are going to do a new album and it will be fucking great. And it was. ‘Brave New World’ really delivered. So suddenly we’re off to the races again.”

Why Iron Maiden Couldn’t Get As Big As Metallica

Despite being one of the biggest heavy metal bands today, Iron Maiden is not as big as Metallica when compared in terms of record sales, net worth, and more. But apparently, this was somehow Maiden’s own choice.

In his words, Metallica got so big because Maiden and a few other bands did not ‘have the balls’ to do what Metallica did to achieve fame:

“Ourselves, Judas Priest, and Pantera all reached a crossroads where we had the chance to really step up to the next level. But none of us had the balls to do it. Metallica did, though. You have to give them huge credit for grabbing the opportunity when it came up, taking the risk, and deservedly reaping the enormous rewards. You cannot underestimate their achievement with [the ‘Black’ album].”

Dickinson also admires how the band helped push metal into the mainstream with their hit ‘Nothing Else Matters,’ and he is well aware that it was effective. He continued with what they would do if they were in Metallica’s shoes:

“We could never do an album like this because we’re not that under control, and we don’t want to be. With us, the wheels would fall off the bus and we’d end up firing the producer!”

Despite his words that caused controversy, it’s clear that Dickinson actually respects Metallica.