Brian Welch Says Korn Is Not Going To End Up Like Queensryche Or Ratt

Brian ‘Head’ Welch recently joined WDHA’s Reconnect With Rockers for an interview during which he argued that Korn would not be like Queensryche or Ratt in the end.

At some point during their career, both Queensryche and Ratt struggled with tensions and turmoil within the band. For Queensryche, tensions arose when the band members fired Geoff Tate’s stepdaughter and wife from running the fan club. Later on, this confrontation resulted in Tate physically assaulting his bandmates and conducting violent behavior.

Tate, his wife, and the band’s manager Susan then filed a lawsuit to prevent the others from using the name Queensryche and to argue that he was wrongfully terminated. Later on, they reached a settlement on April 17, 2014, and the band continued with lead vocalist La Torre and guitarist Lundgren.

On the other hand, Ratt disbanded and reunited several times due to internal conflicts during the band’s career. Pearcy left and rejoined Ratt throughout the years, citing constant turmoil, personal attacks and threats, unresolved business, and disrespect to the fans as reasons. Like Queensryche, they also had legal issues over the band’s name in 2015.

In an interview with Reconnect With Rockers, Brian Welch said that everything is going great for Korn. He also said that they are all aware that when there are problems in the band, they will not end up like Queensryche or Ratt. Moreover, Welch added that fans are pretty essential for them, and they will overcome problems that might come up in the future.

During the conversation, Brian Welch said:

“It really is a good time for Korn right now. You can feel the energy. Everything’s synchronizing really well. Everyone’s done with the B.S. with the music industry. If there’s a hiccup and disagreement, and there are problems, everyone’s been humbled enough to know that we’re not going to end up with no judgment, but one of these like Queensryche or Ratt, and all this ugliness. We’ve had our share of lawsuits and stuff like that, but, yes, we’re going to overcome them, and we’re not going to let them run Korn into the ground. It’s too special; the fans are too important to us.”

You can watch the full interview below.