Brian Tatler Says Metallica Saved Diamond Head

The guitarist Brian Tatler recently shared that Diamond Head would probably dissolve if Metallica did not save their music.

Diamond Head was formed in 1976 as a part of the new wave British heavy metal movement. In the band’s earlier years, their demos and live performances helped them build a reputation, and they supported tours with AC/DC and Iron Maiden. They tried to stand out and get a record deal from major labels, who mainly worked with big names like Iron Maiden and Def Leppard.

The band could not secure a record deal with the debut album ‘Lightning to the Nations.’ However, the song written by the vocalist Sean Harris and the guitarist Brian Tatler, ‘Am I Evil?‘ became popular within the metal community. Its popularity increased especially after Metallica did a cover of the song and featured it on the B-side of their 1984 single ‘Creeping Death.’

Metallica performed ‘Am I Evil?’ during the 2011 Sonisphere festival with the Big Four. In this event, Diamond Head shared the same stage with Metallica and Anthrax. Later, Brian Tatler and Sean Harris had a chance to attend the celebration of Metallica’s 30th anniversary in San Francisco, where they played ‘Am I Evil?’ together.

In a recent interview, Brian Tatler revealed that Metallica’s cover of ‘Am I Evil?’ became a turning point for his career as his band got many opportunities thanks to them. He stated that it would have been challenging to maintain the band if Metallica had not introduced them to the heavy metal scene. Tatler noted that owing to Metallica, he managed to continue his music career instead of looking for another occupation.

Brian Tatler said the following about how his career was shaped after Metallica covered Diamond Head’s song:

“Dates to the first cover was ’84 when they did ‘Am I Evil?’ on the B side of ‘Creeping Death.’ So, I think if they hadn’t, I may have looked elsewhere for employment. I think it would have been harder to keep Diamond going without that sort of introduction to their fan base and bringing people on the side because that record sold millions of copies.

Versions of ‘Am I Evil?’ have sold millions of copies through Metallica. So many more people know had Diamond there, thanks to Lars and co. It may be that a lot of opportunities that we get now would not be there without that Metallica connection.”

You can check out the interview below.