Michael Jackson’s Drummer Becomes A Linkin Park Fan After Discovering ‘Numb’

In a delightfully surprising twist, Michael Jackson’s drummer, Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett, recently joined Drumeo. There, he took on the challenge of playing Linkin Park‘s iconic hit, ‘Numb,’ for the very first time. As it turns out, Moffett didn’t just enjoy the experience; he fell in love with the song and became an admirer of Linkin Park.

Before this experience, Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett was not familiar with ‘Numb.’ However, in a new video released by Drumeo on YouTube, we see the seasoned musician not only tackle the song but also bring his unique touch to it. With no prior knowledge of the track, Moffett improvises and plays along, then listens to the original drum part, sharing his thoughts and impressions on the song.

It didn’t take long for Moffett to realize that ‘Numb’ was indeed a hit. He was quick to express his admiration for the song, enthusiastically stating that he loved playing it and plans to add it to his personal playlist. Moffett approached the song as if it were a live performance, introducing his own style and vision into the mix. Yet, after finally listening to the original drum track, he was full of praise for the way it was handled in the recording.

Here is what Jonathan ‘Sugarfoot’ Moffett said after playing ‘Numb’ for the first time:

“It’s a hit; because it was. I loved playing it — it was a lot of fun. A great, great song; I’ll be listening to it from now on.

Explaining his creative drumming style after listening to the original drum track, Moffett said:

“It’s an amazing song; I love it. It’s got a more consistent beat, more consistent throughout. I was hearing more expressions and alternate things around. If you’re not knowing the structure of the song, guessing what’s coming next, I had to be improvising creatively and do my own New Orleans kind of thing with it.

I was playing it more like we were doing it live with the band, but I tried to do that in a creative musical way, so I was much more busy than the record. I liked where he kept it straight all the way through because that makes it more of a song for commerciality and for motion. It’s an excellent song.

He continued:

“Brilliant. That’s a wonderful song. I absolutely loved it. That’s a hit; I’m sure it was.

Who would have thought that Michael Jackson’s drummer would find a new favorite in the form of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’? Yet here we are. Through this experience, Moffett gained a newfound appreciation for Linkin Park and gave us music enthusiasts a real treat.