Brian May Says Recording With Adam Lambert Didn’t Feel Quite Right

Brian May recently admitted in an interview with NME that even though they tried to create an album with Adam Lambert as the frontman of Queen, it didn’t seem right.

Brian May was known to have had a hard time following the passing of Freddie Mercury. He even admitted that he was very close to committing suicide after Mercury’s death. It wasn’t easy for him or the rest of the Queen members to perform with Adam Lambert as a frontman of the band.

However, with Lambert on stage, both Queen and the fans accepted and embraced the situation. The band is known to have made a lot of success with their live shows alongside Lambert. With the live shows being very successful and entertaining, there was a question in most people’s minds. Would there be a new Queen album with Lambert as a frontman?

May explained that they would love to have a new record with Lambert but it is not as easy as it seems. The legendary guitarist stated that if something was to happen it should be ‘extraordinary’ or not at all. He also spoke about the dilemma that although fans want a new album they would want to hear Freddie’s voice and they cannot foresee what would happen if it was Lambert’s instead.

Here is what he fully said about a new Queen album:

“We’ve talked about it a lot but it hasn’t happened yet. We went into a studio halfway through the last American tour to try things out but we didn’t feel anything was quite right. Unless it jumps out and is extraordinary, then we’re not going to do it, but it’s a possibility. If I’m honest, I have an underlying feeling that people want to hear Freddie’s voice on a record when it’s got the name Queen on it and it’s hard for them to see it any other way.

Live, it’s wonderful and people feel fulfilled seeing Adam working with us Whenever we’ve included Adam’s solo songs into the Queen live set, it comes out pretty good, so maybe that’s a sign that we should be trying harder to see where recording goes.”

May admitted that this is an idea they wish to proceed yet it is not going to be actualized unless everything feels perfect. They have no doubt in Adam’s performance or his contribution to the band but understandably the legacy of Queen is a hard one to follow and get on top of.