Brian May Says Boris Johnson’s Resignation Was An ‘Ignominious End To A Shamefully Inept Period Of Office’


Brian May of Queen recently took his Instagram to reveal his thoughts on Boris Johnson’s resignation. In the post, May described this move of Johnson as an ‘ignominious end to a shamefully inept period of office.’

The coronavirus pandemic marked a period of challenge for many. Apart from other fields of business, the entertainment industry was also affected by the outbreak. While many countries fought back with measurements to support their economy, others experienced a hard time getting on their feet.

In January 2021, Brian May posted on his Instagram to criticize the UK government’s stance against the economic hardships, claiming the politicians lack leadership. On July 19, the UK started abandoning over a hundred restrictions, and May expressed his frustration towards Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘reckless strategy.’

So, Brian May wasn’t happy with the UK’s and Boris Johnson’s moves to save the economy and provide the citizens with a healthy environment during the pandemic. Recently, Boris Johnson announced his resignation, and May had some things to say about this. So, he took his Instagram to share his thoughts about the recent news.

May said in his IG post that he rejoices in Johnson’s resignation, and this incident is an ignominious end to a shamefully inept period of office. According to May, Johnson’s failure in responding to COVID left the UK economically devastated, and his speech on departure consisted of lies. The guitarist added that Johnson had Trumpian fantasies and was happy about his removal.

The guitarist’s Instagram post read:

“We rejoice in the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Britain. It’s a suitably ignominious end to a shamefully inept period of office. It’s fitting that it’s his lies that brought his reign to an end since it was lies that brought him into power.

The great lie that Brexit would magically empower Britain, along with his failure to show leadership in his response to the Covid pandemic, has left the people of the UK despondent and economically crippled. His departure speech was typical of the inveterate liar who believes his distorted version of the truth.”

He then continued:

“Instead of the humble apology he should have delivered to the nation for the inexcusable behavior which led even his party to disown him, his arrogance led him to attempt to rewrite history, painting himself as a glorious high achiever; all a kind of Trumpian fantasy. And so now the only question is can the Tory party come up with a new leader who has decency, dignity, and wisdom? Amidst the happiness generated by Boris’s removal, I sense a small shudder in the nation.”

You can check out the picture Brian May included in his IG post below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram