Brian May Warns UK Citizens About The ‘Catastrophically Wrong Decision’ Made By The Government

Queen co-founder Brian May recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and said that he cannot stop himself from speaking about the recent announcement made by United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson and exclaimed that the government doesn’t care about the well-being of its citizens.

Brian May is one of the most successful musicians of all time. Besides that, he’s also an active social media user and activist and often enjoys sharing his views on social and political matters through his Instagram account. Just some hours ago, the English rockstar expressed his frustration towards Prime Minister ‘Boris’s reckless strategy’ and asked his fans to be careful.

As you may have heard, the United Kingdom is about to drop over 100 Covid-19 related restrictions on July 19. Although the new variant seems to be spreading really fast and its long-term effects are unknown, in his recent announcement Boris Johnson said that now is the perfect time to get back to normal as it’s school summer holidays.

Furthermore, Johnson said that there needs to be a point when we have the courage to live without restrictions. This attitude was highly protested by numerous people, including influential personas, who said that each and every human life matters and that the restrictions need to be lifted only when it’s safe.

One of these people was Brian May who said that he’s going to keep wearing his mask wherever possible and follow the regulations that he finds reasonable. He told his fans that the ‘prime minister doesn’t care’ about the well-being of the citizens and asked them to take care and shield themselves from the ongoing pandemic.

Brian May expressed his frustration by writing the following caption:

“OK – I’m just a Rock Star, not an epidemiologist… But as I see it, this decision by Boris Johnson to abandon all restrictions this month is just another in the series of catastrophically wrong decisions he has made since the Covid outbreak began. I will be keeping my mask on wherever possible – to protect myself and others around me.

In the face of this fast-growing new danger, I advise you all to ignore Boris’s reckless strategy – the result, as usual, of his caving into pressure from influential business interests. Did I really hear him say he realized this move would cause more deaths, but he thought it was worth it? Those deaths could be in your family or mine. Plus – think about it – the long-term effects of this new variant are unknown, and people who are double vaccinated are right now getting sick from it.”

He went on to say:

“The bombs are still dropping and your prime minister doesn’t care. Neither does the Daily Mail. Look at the figures. Weigh up the odds. Protect yourself and your family. I’m sure this post will earn me lots of flak. But if it saves just one of you folks out there from getting very sick, it will be worth it.

I usually just block people who put stupid or insulting comments on my posts. But on this one, I’m making an exception. I want everybody to be able to see how much misinformation there really is out there. But also I thank those of you who have been so supportive. Thank Heavens you seem to be the majority. Maybe there is hope after all. Bri.”

You can check out Brian May’s recent Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram