Steve Stevens Recalls Eddie Van Halen’s Condition For Joining Billy Idol On Stage

During a recent appearance on AXS TV’s Rock & Tell, Billy Idol’s Steve Stevens recalled one of his memories with Eddie Van Halen when he surprised them with his little request.

It is widespread in the music industry that the artists of the same period usually get to know each other on tours, shows, or various events. Two prominent guitarists, Steve Stevens and Eddie Van Halen, also knew each other from a young age as contemporaries. They had a long-term friendship until Eddie’s heartbreaking passing due to cancer on October 6, 2020.

The two also shared the same stage on several occasions. Eddie Van Halen appeared on some of the shows of Billy Idol, so he played with Stevens. Later, while Steve Stevens was working with Vince Neil, they opened for Van Halen on their 1993 tour. In a new interview, the guitarist recalled one of his memories with the late musician on one of Idol’s gigs.

Steve Stevens initially showed a photo of him, Billy Idol, and Eddie Van Halen playing on the stage together. Talking about the story behind the picture, the guitarist explained that they had invited Eddie Van Halen to hang out with them. He and Billy Idol said they had to convince him somehow to join them on the stage.

Then, Stevens asked Eddie whether he wanted to play and met his little request. The late guitarist wanted to know what drinks they had. Stevens said he could get anything he wanted, so Eddie agreed to play, and they enjoyed a wonderful time on the stage and afterward.

Eddie Van Halen’s condition to play with them in Steve Stevens’ words:

“We had invited Eddie just to come out and hang. We get him in, and Billy and I said, ‘We got to get him up to play.’ So he is joining us for ‘Mony Mony’ on that. We said, ‘We gotta get him. Okay, I’ll ask him.’ ‘Ed, do you think you might want to get up and play?’ He is with Valerie at the time, and he goes, ‘Yes, maybe, what do you got to drink?‘ I said, ‘I’ll get you anything you want if you come up and play.’

We had a bit of a party. So by the time he came up there, he was spontaneous, and that was a great thing about Ed. For me, to be up there and jam along with the guy as my friend then and consequently afterward, I got to tour with him when I was with Vince Neil. We supported Van Halen, and that photo obviously means more to me now. He is not with us, but I have such good memories of hanging with the guy and just being friends.

You can watch the rest of the conversation below.