Keith Richards Credits Mick Jagger For First Record Without Charlie Watts

Rolling Stones shared their thoughts about their new upcoming album in a recent interview. The band was on the premiere of the forthcoming album, ‘Hackney Diamonds,’ and was asked several questions by AP Archive. While answering the questions, Keith Richards revealed that Mick Jagger encouraged them to record without the late drummer Charlie Watts. Richards told:

“Sometimes things just happen. And I think it was because we were on the road, and Mick has some stuff and said, ‘It’s time, if we’re going to do one, let’s do it now.’ So we sort of blitzkrieg this one. It’s like energy, urgency. I know when you have a singer that wants to sing, then you grab him and throw him in the studio. I mean, that’s probably the reason there was no particular now or it’s just that’s what happened. I mean, the Stones are weird, right?”

Mick Jagger was asked if it has been bittersweet without Watts on the drums. The frontman replied:

Well, yeah, it was difficult, but we remember – we had done two tours with him, so going to the studio was an extension of that. And you would sometimes think, ‘Oh, what would Charlie play on that? But you can’t really go there, you know?”

He then shared his admiration for their current drummer, Steve Jordan, and resembled his drum playing to the late drummer’s:

“And Steve Jordan is the drummer, and he’s like, he’s very special like Charlie So sometimes he plays what I think he imagines Charlie would just play to some degree, but still being his own guy. And you’ve got to be your own guy. And he, he sounds great on this record, but he does play some things that remind you of some of Charlie’s licks. Even so.”

Richards revealed that Jordan gave his blessings to the late drummer and continued:

“Charlie gave Steve Jordan his blessing, and so when he did pass, even though we were shocked. We were prepared in a way because he handed the bat on to Steve Jordan, and Steve is flying the flag for Charlie so well they’re both like explosions when they get behind the kit.”

The band earlier shared details about the upcoming album, also reflecting on releasing new music for the first time without Watts. Jagger revealed that the album was recorded this year, but they had two tracks from 2019 that Charlie was on, which they thought would fit in the album. They were earlier recorded by Watts himself, and the album will be the band’s first in 18 years.

You can see the interview below.