Brian May Recalls What Eddie Van Halen Didn’t Like About His Career

Queen lead guitarist Brian May opened about his ‘Star Fleet Project’ with the late Van Halen legend during his recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock and shared what Eddie Van Halen wanted from him while working together.

As you probably know, Brian May + Friends, which consisted of Roger Taylor as the back vocalist, Eddie Van Halen as the guitarist, Alan Gratzer as the drummer, Phil Chen as the bassist, and Fred Mandel as the keyboardist, released ‘Star Fleet Project’ on October 31, 1983. Their longtime fans highly appreciated the legends’ collaboration.

In his interview, Brian May recalled the times he was working with Eddie Van Halen for the album, and he mentioned that he still can’t forget the late guitarist’s solos. Also, he announced that ‘Star Fleet’ will be a part of the ‘Brian May Gold Series,’ a new project in which he releases his legendary albums’ reissues, and he will release it after he finishes working on ‘Another World.’

Moreover, May suddenly stopped calling the guitarist Eddie while talking about his three guitars solos on one of the album’s tracks, ‘Star Fleet.’ He revealed that the main reason why he didn’t want to call him Eddie was because the guitar legend had once told him that he didn’t want to be known as Eddie Van Halen, as his name was Edward.

In May’s words, he said to Ultimate Classic Rock:

“I think the latter. I haven’t gone back in there yet, but there’s a few tapes of everything, which I’d love to get back into. I know Edward played the solo on ‘Star Fleet’ three times. Each time it was incredible. Each time it was different. So I’m going to go back in and look at that. I think that will be interesting. I mean, Edward is another…

I don’t like to call him Eddie. He always used to say, ‘I don’t like this Eddie Van Halen thing! I’m Edward!’ However, I’d like to get back into that. I didn’t want to do it first because I wanted to put my proper solo album out first. I think I’ll do this first, ‘Another World’ and then the third one will be ‘Star Fleet.'”

So, Brian May highlighted that Eddie Van Halen never liked his stage name, and he always preferred to be called Edward. May also hinted at their collaboration’s upcoming reissue as soon as he finishes ‘Another World.’