Greg Puciato Recalls The Traumatizing Loss Of Chris Cornell

Former The Dillinger Escape Plan lead vocalist Greg Puciato recently gave an interview to Louder Sound. Puciato shared how the band’s farewell tour was a challenging process regarding their split, the vehicle accident, and Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell‘s sudden passing.

Throughout its 10-year career, The Dillinger Escape Plan achieved critical success with its six albums reflecting the metalcore fusion genre. Its style was also considered hardcore punk, heavy metal, and experimental metal by music critics. However, the band released their most recent album, ‘Dissociation,’ in 2016 and later announced they would split after completing one last tour.

The tour turned into an experience where unfortunate incidents followed one another. On February 12, the band’s tour bus crashed with a truck near Radomsko, Poland. While several people had injuries, the band members’ condition was better. However, this accident seriously affected Puciato’s mental health, and he suffered from severe panic disorder and hypochondria.

Besides the tour’s difficulties and the accident, Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell, with whom they toured during that period, shocked them with his sudden passing. Cornell, who struggled with depression for a long time, committed suicide in his hotel room on May 18, 2017, after completing the Soundgarden concert at Fox Theatre. This tour, where all these horrifying events happened, became a nightmare for The Dillinger Escape Plan members.

In a recent interview, Greg Puciato referred to all the terrifying incidents they experienced during their farewell tour. They were shocked to their core when they heard about Cornell’s death following their accident. As he revealed, Puciato was deeply affected by the vocalist’s sudden death since he had seen him just the night before. He stated that the tour was a traumatizing experience for him, and he wondered whether the universe was trying to tell him something.

Greg Puciato said the following when the interviewer mentioned the traumas they experienced while on tour:

“Yeah, it never ended. From the time we announced we were splitting, it seemed to ramp up the bummer; we had the bus accident, and Chris Cornell killed himself while we were on tour with them. What the f*ck?! At first, we thought touring with Soundgarden was proof that cool sh*t could still happen; we had a moment where we were inspired again.

Then Chris went mid-tour; I saw him the night before, even though that is tied to that tour. The bus accident as well; it felt like the universe was telling us to stop like this is not the energy that we should be bringing. It got to a metaphorical sprint to the finish line, ‘Get this sh*t over before we get in a plane crash.’ It spooked us a little bit.”

Greg Puciato continued his career with his electronic band, The Black Queen, which was established in 2015. The band released the second album ‘Infinite Games’ on September 28, 2018. In 2020, Puciato released his solo debut album entitled ‘Child Soldier: Creator of God.’