Brian May Explains What Cozy Powell Means To Him

Queen guitarist Brian May gave an exclusive interview to promote the ‘Another World’ reissue and didn’t forget to talk about one of his late colleagues and drummer, Cozy Powell. The musician shared his endless love and respect for the drummer while praising his skills.

Powell proved his extraordinary talent as a drummer by collaborating with various iconic bands and artists such as Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, The Jeff Beck Group, Robert Plant, and Brian May. For the Queen icon, the musician played drums on his debut solo studio album ‘Back to the Light’ and follow up record ‘Another World,’ which drew significant attention back then.

Unfortunately, shortly before Powell’s untimely and unexpected death because of a car accident on April 5, 1998, May was about to finish ‘Another World.’ Although it was hard for him, he continued the recording and production process. May released a track from the record ‘Business’ as a single to pay tribute to the late musician. Also, May dedicated the whole album to Powell even though it was meant to be for his mother.

Moreover, during his conversation in which he shared his memories and ideas about the second album and its reissue, the famous guitarist stated that Powell was an unmatchable drummer who influenced many young generations of artists for years. May described his playing as colossal. He added that he was not only a great musician but also a talented showman by revealing that he dedicated this record to him.

May shared his ideas, saying:

“On this CD, you will hear Cozy. He was a stupendous drummer, and the sound he made was colossal. It’s like cannons being fired. There was no one quite like Cozy. When he did his drum sounds live with us, it was something colossal. He was a great showman, and being a great showman doesn’t mean that he was not a great musician. He was a great originator, so a lot of this album is dedicated to Cozy.”

You can watch the interview and listen to ‘Another World’ below.