Brian May Explains How Freddie Mercury Changed His Mind About Leaving Queen


Queen lead guitarist Brian May looked back on the timeline of his music career with the band during a recent interview with Guitar Player magazine, and apparently, there was a time when he thought leaving the band due to his health condition, however, it was lead vocalist Freddie Mercury who put May’s mind at ease. 

After releasing their second studio album, ‘Queen II’ on March 8, 1974, Queen hit the road promoting the record including North America, however, their dates were cut short when Brian May was diagnosed with Hepatitis in New York after a dirty needle was used to give him an inoculation for the band’s trip to Australia a few weeks ago.

Brian May nearly lost his arm and had to be hospitalized immediately in Britain, fortunately, Queen guitarist recovered and joined the band in the studio to finish the next studio album, ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ through the summer and early fall of that year, eventually releasing the record on November 8, 1974.

During a recent interview, May opened up about the time when he experienced the horrifying health condition, Hepatitis, in the middle of touring and stated that his condition was very serious which was concerning for him since he wasn’t sure if he would recover after the treatment.

Due to his fear of not getting well any time soon, Brian also considered leaving the band just because his recovery seemed to take a long time and meanwhile the band may need to move on. Fortunately, lead vocalist Freddie Mercury visited him in the hospital and made sure he’s focusing on his recovery and the rest of the band is waiting for him to get well on top of performing tracks from the upcoming album such as ‘Killer Queen.’

During the interview with Guitar Player, Brian May said:

“Oh, yeah. I also thought I might not pull through at one point. It was pretty serious. I had a very serious condition of the duodenum, and it was by no means certain I would pull through.

Then when I had an operation, it seemed like a very slow recovery, and I thought, maybe the band needs to move on. But Freddie came to the hospital and said, ‘Don’t worry, darling, we’re waiting for you.’ And then they brought stuff in to play for me, including ‘Killer Queen.’ And I got very critical, being the arrogant person I am. I went, ‘Yeah, but this is too harsh. You need to redo it.’ And Freddie said, ‘Okay, we’ll redo it when you come out.’ And we did.”

Fans couldn’t be happier knowing that his bandmates supported him regardless of his health condition at the time and didn’t let go of him, thanks to Freddie Mercury and other Queen members, Brian May managed to stay as the legendary guitarist of the band for decades now which is something to be grateful for Queen fans since the band is unimaginable with May in it.