Brian May Calls Adam Lambert ‘The Gift Of God’ As The New Queen Frontman After Paul Rodgers


Queen guitarist Brian May recently spoke to BBC Radio Scotland and reflected on working with Adam Lambert. The guitarist thinks they are fortunate to find him.

Following their frontman Freddie Mercury’s passing in 1991, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that Queen returned to the stage with a new lead singer. Initially, Paul Rodgers joined Brian May and Roger Taylor, and then they toured the world in 2005 and 2006 under the name of Queen + Paul Rodgers. In 2009, Rodgers announced his departure from the duo after five years of collaboration.

While Queen was looking for a new lead singer to replace Rodgers, they encountered Adam Lambert’s performance on American Idol. They were so impressed with the performance that they contacted him and asked whether he would be interested in performing with them. The first Queen + Adam Lambert tour began in 2012, and since then, they have toured worldwide.

During a recent interview, Brian May explained that he prefers playing guitar rather than singing on the stage. Although he enjoys singing, he also feels like he neglects his guitar. The guitarist revealed that working with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert began spontaneously. Then, he described Adam Lambert as a gift from God, so he feels very fortunate to work with him. He is sure Lambert can handle all the vocals successfully, and thus, he can concentrate on his guitar playing.

About working with Adam Lambert, Brian May’s words follow:

“I thought I prefer to be a guitarist. I like to be able to work with singers. Even though I enjoy singing, I don’t enjoy singing a whole show every night. It’s hard, and I felt like I was neglecting the guitar playing because of that. So, coming back and doing this stuff, it was unpredictable that we found Paul Rodgers and went around the world with him, really kind of spontaneously.

Then, we find this gift from God called Adam Lambert, and we go around the world again and again. The joy for me is knowing he can hold that position, and I can get on with my guitar playing. I really love it, I must say.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.