Brian May Asks For Help To Get In Touch With His Old Friend

Queen’s Brian May sought his fans’ help to reach out to one of his old friends in an Instagram post.

Brian May is famous for his successful career as the lead guitarist in the world-renowned rock band Queen. Apart from playing the guitar, the guitarist also wrote many of the band’s classic hits. Today, alongside his musical efforts with Queen, May also pursues a solo career.

As you may know, May has released three solo albums to this day. The first and the most successful one was ‘Back To The Light,’ released in 1992. The guitarist recorded the album between 1988 and 1992, and the record was his second non-Queen album.

He toured with the Brian May Band to promote his solo albums. For instance, back in 1993, he went on a tour titled ‘Back To The Light World Tour’ to promote his album. He was accompanied by various musicians during the tour, including Cozy Powell, Jamie Moses, Spike Edney, Neil Murray, and Shelley Preston.

As it appears, Brian May nowadays tried to reach out to one of them. In his Instagram post, May thanked his fans for helping him find his old friend, Shelley Preston. He revealed that Preston sang backup vocals in the Brian May Band and stated it’d been a while since they had a chat. The guitarist also hinted at a possible collaboration as he claimed there is a reason for all of this.

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

“Thanks for your help, dear folks! I found the lovely Shelley Preston – and we spoke tonight. There is a reason for all this – you will see! Cheers, folks!

She sang backup vocals for me in 1991-2 in the Brian May Band. We were in touch for ages but now it’s been a while. Yes – she famously was part of Bucks Fizz in days gone by. Then toured the world with me and the BMB around 1992. Happy to reconnect. Bri.”

You can check out the photo of Shelley Preston that May posted on his Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram