Brian Johnson’s ‘Dream’ Supergroup Involving Robert Plant


Iconic rock bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and The Who have influenced many musicians in the history of rock. Besides, these bands are all of the same eras, so they inevitably became fellow musicians throughout the years and shared the same stage from time to time.

On some occasions, musicians from such bands come together as a supergroup to record some albums. As it seems, Brian Johnson also planned to form a supergroup involving Robert Plant and another lead singer many rock listeners admire.

What Did Brian Johnson Say On Working With Robert Plant?


In April 2017, Sky Arts aired the first episode of Brian Johnson’s ‘A Life On The Road.’ The series included six episodes during which Johnson came together with his contemporary musicians to discuss their musical careers. Moreover, ‘A Life On The Road’ featured Roger Daltrey, Lars Ulrich, Nick Mason, Sting, Joe Elliott, and Robert Plant.

In 2020, during an episode of his Old Fashioned Rock N’ Roll Radio Show, Joe Walsh joked about forming a new supergroup with Brian Johnson. Upon hearing that, Johnson said this would be good if they also got Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey. He then referred to The Three Tenors and said they would be ‘The Three Rock Singers.’

Johnson then got excited about this new idea and said this project would be pretty good. After that, Walsh asked Johnson why he doesn’t write songs that need a guitar part, implying he would gladly play his guitar for them. Johnson then revealed he already has a ton of tunes for Walsh.

In an episode of Old Fashioned Rock’ N’ Roll Radio Show, Joe Walsh told Brian Johnson the following:

“I’m not gonna go there, but maybe we should start a band.

Johnson then responded:

“Aw, Joe, that would be good. Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, we’d get all the boys. We can sing rock ‘n’ roll harmonies. The Three Rock Singers: That would be pretty good, wouldn’t it?”

Upon hearing this, Walsh asked:

“Why don’t you write some music that needs a guitar part?”

Johnson said:

“I’ve got a ton of tunes!”

As a musician who has good relations with his contemporaries like Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, and Joe Walsh, Brian Johnson has come together with his friends on several occasions, whether it’s for making music or for some chatting. Moreover, it seems Johnson had an idea of forming a supergroup with his old friends Plant, Daltrey, and Walsh, but he didn’t make such a move yet.