Brian ‘Head’ Welch Says There Was Just Massive Division In Korn While Looking Back To His Decision To Part Ways

Korn guitarist Brian Head Welch revealed the mood in the air when he decided to leave Korn earlier during a recent interview with NFR Podcast.

As you may recall, Brian decided to leave Korn back in 2005 and become obsessed with Christianity as he said. In 2012, he appeared few of the shows with Korn and returned to the band the next year.

In the conversation, Brian talked about the days when he left the band and said that there was massive division inside the band as he mentioned that people hated each other.

While Brian was saying that he is blaming all the members including himself for the toxicity and praised the personality of drummer Ray Luzier to show how a humble person he is.

Interviewer asked:

“Was it a pretty big difference coming back? When you left Korn, David was still in the band, so then you come back, and now you’re jamming with Ray – is it a big difference, a different vibe?”

Brian Welch replied:

“You know what it was? It was so negative when I first left Korn – there was just massive division. David couldn’t go in the dressing room when Fieldy was in it, and Fieldy was there, David had to wait, so it was just – people hated each other.

It was really toxic. And just to be around the guys and with Ray, it was just positivity in the air, and it was the exact opposite. And I’m not blaming Fieldy, I’m not blaming David – I’m blaming us all. We were a mess back then.

Just to see how humble Ray was and to write with him – he would try any drum beat and take any suggestion and not have any ego about anything. He’s played on, like, 100 or 200 records, he’s a session guy. He could have a little bit of attitude, but he’s just very humble.

Even to this day, he’s just like, ‘Yeah, I’ll try that. Any other ideas, let me know.’ It’s really cool, so that was a breath of fresh air, and it was just cool from day one.”

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