The Song Phil Collins Hated Singing

Phil Collins greatly impacted the rock scene in the ’80s and ’90s with his contributions to Genesis and as a solo artist. He became a musician who had many hit singles on charts by himself and with his group in the 1980s. Collins was a part of Genesis’ commercial success when ‘Nursery Cryme’ came out in 1971. Besides being the group’s drummer, he also contributed as a songwriter to the records.

Collins has pursued a solo career along with his tenure to Genesis since the beginning of his music career. He released many impactful albums such as ‘No Jacket Required’ and ‘…But Seriously.’ The rocker’s successful singles like ‘In the Air Tonight’ and ‘Another Day in Paradise’ impacted the music scene. Although Collins was passionate about the music he created, it was impossible to say that he loved every song he made. ‘A Groovy Kind of Love,’ the song most Collins fans love, was a track he hated to perform.

Phil Collins Hated To Sing ‘A Groovy Kind Of Love’

Sometimes musicians may not be satisfied with their works when they reflect on some of their songs. Usually, the reason is that they think that they did not do a good job. Furthermore, some regret the piece they write so much that they do not even listen to it again.

When Collins appeared on The Project TV for an interview, he talked about the songs he loved the most to sing. The musician revealed that the first one was ‘Can’t Turn Back the Years’ from his 1993 album ‘Both Sides.’ The second one was ‘Take Me Home,’ released from his 1985 album ‘No Jacket Required,’ as he mentioned.

During the same interview, Collins surprised the interviewers by stating that he would not mind if he did not sing some of his songs. When they curiously asked which song it was, the rocker revealed it was ‘A Groovy Kind of Love,’ initially written by Toni Wine and Carole Bayer Sager.

Phil Collins responded when asked about his favorite songs to perform:

“There are two. One is ‘Can’t Turn Back the Years,’ which is of ‘Both Sides,’ which I think of as my best album. That song is one of my favorite songs on that album. The other one is ‘Take Me Home,’ which I’ve sung ever since ‘No Jacket Required’ came out, and it’s always been the last song of a set, and it has a life of its own. There are some songs I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t sing again, frankly, ‘Groovy Kind of Love.'”

The interviewers were astonished by Collins’ answer as it was an excellent track. The vocalist humorously imitated his singing style in this song and sarcastically said that he loved the track too, by making it clear that he hated to sing it and wouldn’t mind not performing it again.

You can listen to the song below.