Brandon Pertzborn Plays His First Show With The Offspring

Brandon Pertzborn, recently parting ways with Suicidal Tendencies, has now made his first appearance with The Offspring. Just a few days ago, he flooded his Instagram feed with snaps from his very first gig with his new band, confirming that he has officially joined the band.

In his recent Instagram post, Pertzborn shared his excitement about taking the stage in Switzerland on May 11 with The Offspring. According to the drummer, the experience was nothing short of incredible. His enthusiasm spilled over into the photos he shared, capturing the energy of his debut show.

Brandon’s Instagram post read:

“It’s official! I’ve joined The Offspring! My first show was last night in Switzerland, and it was INCREDIBLE.”

Only last month, Pertzborn took to his Facebook page to announce his departure from Suicidal Tendencies. He left the band’s drumming seat to Greyson Nekrutman and expressed his gratitude for the time spent with the legendary group. But the beat goes on, and Pertzborn has already got his sticks in motion, with the band’s current tour well underway.

Pertzborn’s initial performance with The Offspring has created quite a stir, and fans are excited to see what this new collaboration will bring. If you’re keen on catching Pertzborn live with The Offspring, be sure to check out their tour dates. They’ll be making stops in Europe, Spain, and the USA.

Photo Credit: Brandon Pertzborn – Instagram