Brandi Carlile Credits The Seattle Grunge Scene For Rock Performance Grammy

The 2023 Grammy Awards have recently found their winners. It was unexpected for some that Brandi Carlile, who is more known for her country tunes, returned home with two Grammys in the categories of Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song with her track, ‘Broken Horses.’ During her speech, she opened up about her roots, revealing that she was born and raised in the heart of Seattle’s grunge scene, which was why winning in this category held a special significance for the singer.

At the 65th annual Grammy Awards, the multi-Grammy award winner took her music to a new level with her performance in ‘Broken Horses.’ The track was a part of her album ‘In These Silent Days,’ which received seven nominations in the 2023 Grammy Awards. The song features powerful guitar solos and meaningful lyrics, with a stunning final scream that probably caught the attention of the Grammy voters. As a result, the song won both Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song categories.

With the help of her long-time musical partners Phil and Tim Hanseroth, Shooter Jennings on piano, and Lucius on vocals, Brandi showed off her impressive vocal skills and classic rock sound. After a memorable performance, what she credited in her acceptance speech for Best Rock Performance was the grunge scene, which was known for its raw and emotional sound. Judging by her words, the genre shaped Brandi’s musical tastes and style, and it profoundly influenced her music, beginning from her very first steps into the music scene.

The singer’s words in his speech are as follows:

“Rock ‘n’ roll! Oh, I cannot tell you how much this means to us. We were born and raised in Seattle, and when I met these guys 22 years ago, we decided to get in a van and be a band together, and I met them, and they were covered in Ramones tattoos; they had never even played an acoustic guitar. And then this happened.”

Just a few minutes later, the three musicians stepped back up to the stage to receive the award for Best Rock Song. They competed against legendary rockers such as Ozzy Osbourne and Red Hot Chili Peppers, as well as popular indie acts like The War on Drugs and Turnstile. In her speech for this one, Brandi expressed her excitement, stating that she has come a long way from cutting her hair, learning how to scream, and winning a Grammy for a rock and roll song.

For the second award, her excitement was even more evident as she said:

“Oh my God, this is amazing! Oh, I’ll never be the same. My mom’s out there, Teresa Carlile. Mom, I gotta thank you for telling me to stop singing so angry because I obviously ignored that like I ignored everything you ever told me to do. But I cut my hair, and I learned how to scream, and I just won a Grammy for a rock ‘n’ roll song that I wrote with all my heart.”

During the 2023 Grammy Awards, four awards weres presented in the rock and metal categories, including Best Rock Performance, Best Metal Performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock Album. While Brandi Carlile won two awards in the rock categories, Ozzy Osbourne was also a big winner of the night, taking home two awards by winning Best Metal Performance with Tony Iommi for ‘Degradation Rules’ and Best Rock Album for ‘Patient Number 9.’