Boy George Criticizes ‘Insecure’ Artists With Excessive Backstage Demands

In an interview with The Guardian, Culture Club singer Boy George shared his opinion on musicians who make excessive demands backstage. The singer, calling the demands’ outrageous’, said:

“Eating before performing live is the worst idea ever. You should avoid food at all costs before you go on stage. I don’t understand why musicians have riders or why they request all kinds of refreshments before a performance. I’ve seen people demand the most outrageous items.”

Explaining what he thinks causes the ‘insecurity’ of these people, he added:

“When I’m backstage, I always ask, ‘Why is this food here? I didn’t order it.’ My thoughts are: the bigger the rider, the more insecure the person. That goes for handbags, too.”

It seems that the singer himself would also do a few things excessively, one of which was alcohol. Boy George has been sober for many years, and he spoke up about his sobriety in a 2018 interview. He said:

“For me, it was literally just one morning, waking up and just having this kind of overwhelming feeling that I was really, truly unhappy, and I needed to do something about it. I remember one of the things I said to myself was ‘If you’re going to be Boy George, you might as well try and be the best Boy George you can be.’ I have to say that things have got increasingly better and better and better the longer I’ve been sober.”

Boy George is still actively making music today and, evidently, is happier now since he is now enjoying what he couldn’t back then.