Bobby Blotzer Still Wants A Ratt Reunion Despite Stephen Pearcy’s Recent Remarks

Following comments made by Bobby Blotzer regarding the superiority of Ratt over Mötley Crüe, Stephen Pearcy wished him luck with orchestrating a reunion. In a recent conversation with Artists On Record’s Adika, however, Blotzer clarified his intentions and confirmed he’s still committed to the idea of a reunion.

Blotzer explained to Adika that he and Pearcy had been discussing a potential Ratt reunion for the past two years. Upon seeing Pearcy’s comment about his remarks on Mötley Crüe, Blotzer reached out to him and asked what was wrong, seeking clarity on the surprising turn of events and looking to set the record straight about his comments.

According to Blotzer, his statements regarding Mötley Crüe were a reflection of his personal opinion – one that he believes the members of the Crüe likely hold about Ratt as well. He expressed that the controversy around his statements was born out of a misinterpretation, asserting that he holds respect for Mötley Crüe’s career. Blotzer then expressed surprise over Pearcy’s remarks about him, especially given their ongoing discussions about a potential reunion.

Here is what Bobby Blotzer said:

“I did an interview three weeks ago, and my answer to that question is this: I had said, ‘Me and Stephen are on the phone all the time, we’re trying to orchestrate this reunion two years now.’ And I just saw an interview with him, I sent him a text and went, ‘Dude, you throw me out of the box, what is wrong with you?‘ [It was] because they were asking him ‘What do you think about Bobby saying that Ratt crushes Mötley?’ I mean, what I said on that as the question went.”

He continued:

“Troy said, ‘I was talking to Eddie Trunk, and he was telling me he thought that Ratt’s catalog blows Mötley Crüe away,’ and I said ‘It does, in my opinion,‘ and that ‘I’m sure Mötley says the same sh*t about us, but I respect them to a certain degree.’ I definitely respect their career, how can you not, right? So, that was blown out of proportion.

Then Stephen did an interview, and he was like, ‘Yeah, Bob’s out there trying to talk about a reunion; good luck!’ and I’m like, ‘Dude, I was just on the phone with you two days ago, trying to figure out how much movement we made in the last two months.’ So, I want a reunion. We want a reunion. Warren, I understand, wants to take a meeting. That’s all I can say about it. If it happens, it happens. If not, I don’t need a job; I’m fine.”

Despite the seeming dissonance, Blotzer affirmed his desire for a reunion, while also making it clear he’s fine if it doesn’t materialize. Whether Pearcy will respond to Blotzer’s latest statements or if their conversations will finally lead to a reunion remains to be seen. Regardless, it appears the drummer’s hope for Ratt’s comeback, against all odds, is still alive and kicking.