Bob Dylan’s Legal Team Call For Monetary Sanctions Over Dropped Sexual Abuse Lawsuit


As Billboard recently reported, the attorney of Bob Dylan argued that the damages caused by the sexual abuse case to the singer should be compensated with monetary sanctions.

On August 13, 2021, an anonymous woman, J.C, sued Bob Dylan, claiming he abused her sexually when she was 12, and Dylan was 24. The incident took place in New York at Chelsea Hotel in 1965. She argued that the singer approached her in a friendly way but then forced her to use drugs and alcohol. In addition, he threatened her with physical violence if she attempted to run away from the hotel.

Dylan’s legal team denied the accusations claiming the singer was not in the same place as the unnamed woman at that period, showing the rocker’s busy tour schedule in England as proof. They vigorously endeavored to prove his innocence by and targetted her words as defamatory. The team also advocated that the woman was mentally unstable.

Later, Dylan’s attorney accused the woman of destroying critical pieces of evidence like messages. Then, J.C suddenly requested the federal judge to close the file forever in the previous weeks. The singer’s lawyer Orin Synder publicly announced that the case was over.

Recently, Orin Snyder accused the woman’s attorneys, Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gleason, of misconduct because they should have prevented the plaintiff from filing this case. According to him, the lawyers were responsible and should face penalties. Snyder wrote to the judge that Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gleason should pay monetary sanctions due to the damages they caused to Dylan.

Orin Synder said the following about the lawyers:

“Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Gleason should not have brought this action — accusing the defendant of a heinous crime — if they did not intend to responsibly litigate it. It is more than appropriate to hold them accountable.”

Snyder added about monetary sanctions:

This is a paradigm case for sanctions to address counsel’s brazen discovery misconduct. Counsel flouted their discovery obligations for months and ignored warnings from the Court about their failure to produce documents.”

There is no public announcement about the demanded money by Bob Dylan’s legal team yet. On the other side, Dylan is preparing to hit the road next month for his upcoming European tour. He will first take the stage in Oslo, Norway, on September 25, 2022.