Blink-182’s Tom Delonge Announces That He’s Married And Expresses His Feelings

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom Delonge shared his happiness announcing his marriage to Marie after one and half years of engagement from his Instagram.

Tom Delonge was also the co-founder of Blink-182 with bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus and drummer Scott Raynor. The band gained huge success and popularity from their third studio album ‘Enema of the State’ and fourth studio album ‘Take off Your Pants and Jacket.’

After these successful years, Delonge left the band in 2005 and formed Angels & Airwaves in the same year. But Blink-182 reunited in 2009 releasing their sixth album ‘Neighborhoods.’ However, this union didn’t last long and Delonge left the band again in 2015.

Since Delonge’s first exit from Blink-182, he has focused on his new band that he defined it an art project as its co-founder, lead vocalist, and guitarist. Until now, Angels & Airwaves has had five studio albums entitled ‘We Don’t Need to Whisper,’ ‘I-Empire,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Love: Part Two’ and ‘Dream Walker.’ Also, on April 21, 2015. DeLonge released his first solo album ‘To the Stars…Demos, Odds and Ends.

Apart from his musical career, Tom Delonge has been an author for almost twenty years. He wrote many books from different genres and in 2019, his company To The Stars inc released an animated narrative of his latest children’s book ‘Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes.’

Recently, Delonge wanted to celebrate his happiest day with his fans sharing his photo with his fiance Marie on his Instagram. He announced that they were married and he expressed his happiness and his gratefulness for being with a kind and nice person like her.

Here’ what he wrote:

“Today, I married my love Marie with a simple little courthouse visit after being engaged for over a year and a half (sorry I only told you all a couple of days ago, ha). She is the most amazing person I have ever met. She never judges, totally accepts you for who you are and is full of love for everyone and everything. She has made everything in my life better, while genuinely supporting my endless quest to create ambitious art and contribute a positive influence to the world as much as possible. She just lets me be free… with her, I feel free. She is the best, congrats to us.”

You can see the photo below.

Photo Credit: Tom Delonge – Instagram