Blaze Bayley Addresses A Misunderstanding About His Career With Iron Maiden

The music industry is ever-evolving, and sometimes certain things are exaggerated, such as the misunderstanding that Blaze Bayley made it big because of his tenure with Iron Maiden 20 years ago. Bayley recently told Stavros Vlahos, editor of the Soundcheck Network music magazine, that his time as the frontman for Iron Maiden didn’t contribute to his success because most fans disliked the two albums he was featured in. Thus, he had to hustle to become an ‘underground artist’ in the industry.

“I’m a tiny underground artist in the world,” said the former Iron Maiden frontman. “People think I’m famous because of my time with Iron Maiden. I was a tiny part of Iron Maiden. And those albums, at the time, did well in certain countries. My albums did well in Greece, Sweden, and Brazil, but in other places, they didn’t do very well, the ones with me.”

He continued, “Fans didn’t like the change. Many people from that era still hate Blaze Bayley; they hate what I did, and they have those two albums I was on. That’s fine by me. I like that I’ve done something strong enough for someone to have such a big, forceful emotional reaction to it. But I do think some people who hate me have never listened to what I do.”

As you may recall, the two Maiden albums Blaze Bayley was a part of, ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Virtual XI,’ sold far less than the band’s previous releases. Furthermore, many fans were displeased with Blaze’s performance and wanted Bruce Dickinson back.

After he departed from Maiden in 1999, Bayley released several albums. He also contributed to Wolfsbane’s ‘Wolfsbane Saves The World’ album in 2012 and their most recent release, 2022’s ‘Genius.’ However, more recently, he has started compiling a list of ideas for his next solo project to follow up on his 2021 release ‘War Within Me.’