Billy Sheehan Insinuates That Dave Mustaine Used David Ellefson’s Sex Scandal As An Excuse To Fire Him


During a recent conversation on Rocking With Jam Man, Sons of Apollo bassist Billy Sheehan opened up about his thoughts on David Ellefson’s recent sex scandal and whether Megadeth contacted him to take Ellefson’s place.

As you may already know, Billy Sheehan is one of the most well-known bassists in the rock scene. He’s known for his career with Talas, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, Sons of Apollo. He was chosen the ‘Best Rock Bass Player‘ five times in Guitar Player magazine’s Readers Poll and was placed in the ‘Gallery of Greats‘ alongside Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Paul McCartney, and other legends.

Having had such a successful career in the rock scene signals that Sheehan is not only a good candidate to replace David Ellefson, but also experienced enough to weigh in on his recent sex scandal. The 68 years old musician shed light on both issues during his interview on Rocking with Jam Man.

When asked about whether he’ll replace Ellefson, Sheehan said that he’s not as it isn’t his thing. He went on to say that David Ellefson is a good friend of his and that he really hopes he found a way to cope with this ‘difficult, embarrassing, and terrible situation.’ Sheehan said he wishes the best for the band, but that he’s probably not joining them.

Here’s what Sheehan said when asked about whether he’ll join Megadeth:

“No, not really – not necessarily my thing. But I wish all of them well. Dave is a very good friend of mine, and I hope he’s doing OK. I know it’s a difficult, embarrassing, and terrible situation. So, I wish him the best, and I wish the band the best.”

Then, Billy was asked about how he would react if Dave Mustaine called him and asked him to come to Megadeth and replace Ellefson. Sheehan replied by saying that he personally wouldn’t do it although he thinks they’re a great band, but that he would instead recommend some good bassists.

He then insinuated that maybe the reason why Ellefson was fired was deeper as ‘there might have been some tension already.’ Sheehan noted that there might be ‘more at play within the band‘ and that we as outsiders can never know what happened. However, he finished his answer by saying that he knows Ellefson really well and that he’s a wonderful guy.

Sheehan said that he would respond to Dave Mustaine with the following words:

“Well – a lot of guys I would recommend to him, but it’s not necessarily my thing. But I think they’re a great band, and I wish them well, for sure… There may have been more at play within the band. There might have been some tension already. Who knows? I know Dave very well, and he’s a wonderful guy.

Everybody has a moment where they do something they regret. We all do at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, now there’s the internet, and you can do something stupid and the whole world knows about it. So I feel for the guy, and I understand the situation. But I certainly wish him well. I hope he and his family reconcile and everything is OK with them. That’s the most important thing.”

You can listen to the whole interview below.