Billy Idol Recalls Steve Jones’ Surprising Final Wish Before Being Hospitalized

Billy Idol recently joined a chat with Mojo and remembered the former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones‘ last words before he was taken to the ambulance after suffering a severe epileptic seizure.

Idol said the following about the incident, caused by excessive drug consumption:

“I came out of the toilet, and Steve was being wheeled out on a gurney by the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. He’d been rolling all over the mixing desk. Then he started frothing at the mouth. As he was wheeled out, he said, ‘All right, Bill, I’ll see you later at the club.’ What club?!”

During Jones’ hospitalization, he, Billy, and Tony James had got together in the studio to record new material for Gen X. However, after the failure in the charts, they attempted to form a band, Generation X-Sex Pistols supergroup. James revealed their unfulfilled plan:

“Billy and I talked about having two drummers, Paul Cook and Terry Chimes. But contractually, it was difficult as Steve and Paul were already doing the Professionals. Also, chemically, it would have been a troublesome possibility.”

Still, even after years, the musicians managed to put this same lineup together under the name Generation Sex. In 2018, the band performed a special concert at the Roxy in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Most recently, they announced their European tour, kicking off in France on June 14. They will also support Iggy Pop with a one-off outdoor show in London on July 1.