Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Explains Why Alice Cooper Was Intimidating

Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale recently appeared on 101 WRIF’s ‘Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown,’ where she shared her thoughts about Alice Cooper. As the show’s host mentioned getting excited like a teenager whenever he had an interview with the singer, Hale recounted her personal experience with him:

“He is like the nicest dude. He’s definitely the nicest guy in rock [and] has the best stories. Last time we talked, he was telling me about his encounter with Meat Loaf years and years ago. He’s like, ‘We were – We were at some shore or whatever, and Meat Loaf showed up. So, we start talking like, ‘Meat Loaf! How you doing?” And Meat Loaf, I guess, told Alice Cooper he was gonna open up a restaurant.”

She went on to tell the rest of the story and revealed how it felt to meet Cooper:

“So, Alice gets excited because he loves those little ideas, and he’s like, ‘Dude! That’s amazing! You could have meatloaf sandwiches, you know, like whatever.’ Then, I guess Meat Loaf looked at Alice perplexed. He was like, ‘No, it’s gonna be like a Chicken Shack.’ And so, Alice is like, ‘Why would you do that? Your name is Meat Loaf!’ So, just little things like that. He’s a good dude, but also still intimidating.”

The vocalist explained what made the Hollywood Vampires singer ‘intimidating’ by saying:

“Because it’s like you can’t just turn off those things, you know. Same experience with literally everybody that I’ve ever met or had the ability to talk to, and I use talking loosely because I still get starstruck with certain people, but yeah, you can’t necessarily turn that little kid thing off. It’s like I try. I’m like, ‘I’ve done some things in my life.’ I put my leather jacket on. Here we go, and then, you’re like, ‘How’s the weather?’ [Laughs]”

According to her words in past interviews, Hale has loved Cooper’s music since she was a child. The Halestorm frontwoman even played one of his songs, ‘Love It to Death,’ at a slumber party at the age of eleven, as she recalled in a chat with 955KLOS:

“Those girls looked at me like I was an alien from outer space. I remember going and telling my dad about it and having one of that first talking with me about owning your weird, and it’s okay to be different because those things make you different.”

The vocalist shared the story with the singer himself while on dinner during her band’s tour with him in 2019:

“He looks at me, and he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m so proud that I was the one who made you discover that you were weird.’ He was like a proud father. I’m like, ‘Yeah, that was my introduction.’ It was wonderful to finally be able to tell that story after all those years. I ended up calling my dad afterward. I’m like, ‘Dad. I told him the slumber party story.'”

Lzzy Hale’s full interview is in the video below.