Billy Idol Recalls His First Impression Of Steve Stevens


Billy Idol recently joined an interview with Audacy Music and shared his opinions on the guitarist Steve Stevens recalling their first introduction. Idol also expressed his excitement to work with him again.

After achieving his initial success in the music scene as the lead vocalist of Generation X, Billy Idol pursued a solo career. In the early ’80s, the British musician moved to New York, considered the center of the music world by many. He met the guitarist-songwriter Steve Stevens there and collaborated with him.

Idol’s self-titled debut album brought his first commercial success as a solo musician in 1982. Stevens highly contributed to this achievement by delivering the guitar, keyboard, and bass parts. Also, Idol collaborated with the record producer Keith Forsey in this work.

The second one, ‘Rebell Yell’ in 1983, became the musician’s breakthrough. He continued his collaboration with Stevens and Forsey during the creation process of this record. Stevens became a part of this success by playing the guitar parts and co-writing the title track and the single ‘Flesh For Fantasy.’ Besides being the producer, Forsey also c-wrote the final single ‘Catch My Fall.’

Idol recently talked about his upcoming EP ‘The Cage,’ which will come out on September 23, 2022. He revealed his excitement to work with Steve Stevens and Keith Forsey. When Billy Idol first met Stevens in New York, there was an instant connection with him, and the rocker comprehended he could achieve whatever he wished with the guitarist.

According to him, they have preserved this connection and created it with the young musicians working with him for the new EP. Idol also excitedly shared that they even have an R&B song in this record waiting to meet its audience.

Billy Idol said the following when asked about working with Steve Stevens again after a while:

“He’s great because right from day one when I met him a million years ago in New York when I saw how gifted he was, I knew anything I want to do, I can do it because this man can bring it home. It was true with Keith Forsey, too; the producer is very like that. I just knew with the team of us, and it’s very similar with what’s going on now with these two young lads, Tommy English and Joe Janiak and then me and Steve, it’s very much whatever we want to do, we can go there.

The EP is going to come out in September. That’s got a nice range of songs on it. There’s even an R&B song on it, so we went into the R&B world. We’re having fun with the music, and just the fact I can say that after all this time, it’s pretty cool.”

You can check out the interview below.