Billy Howerdel Shares The Maynard James Keenan Song He Envies

A Perfect Circle founding member Billy Howerdel recently answered the questions about his music career from the past to the present in an interview with Revolver. When Howerdel talked about the song he wished he would have written, Howerdel revealed the piece he was jealous of by Maynard James Keenan. 

Billy Howerdel worked as a guitar technician for Tool throughout the process of the band’s tour and recording of its 1996 album entitled ‘Ænima.’ During this period, he and Maynard James Keenan worked together. Howerdel played some of Keenan’s songs, and Keenan offered his vocals if he would form a band in the future.

Although Howerdel initially thought of a female vocalist for the band, later on, he reconsidered Keenan’s offer and invited him to the supergroup A Perfect Circle which he founded in 1999. The debut album ‘Mer de Noms’ was released the following year. By entering the top 5 on the Billboard 200 chart, the group gained considerable success. Keenan has also been continuing his projects with Tool and especially Puscifer.

In a recent conversation, Billy Howerdel revealed that he was jealous of Keenan’sThe Humbling River‘ with Puscifer. When Howerdel first heard the song, he wished he had written it, as he stated. According to him, the track was extremely good with its message and how it was created.

Howerdel explained while revealing the song he wished he would have written:

“The one song I’m really jealous of Maynard on or Puscifer is ‘The Humbling River.’ It’s such a good song. I love it the way it is, but obviously, I’ve done something different, and I don’t listen to him and go, ‘F*ck if I just would have got that.’ It’s just amazing the way it is. It’s so sparse and beautiful, and the message is front and center.”

You can watch the interview and listen to the song below.