Billy Howerdel Says David Bowie Was Everything He Imagined Him To Be

David Bowie had only not inspired art with his musical genius, but he had also become a role model for various other artists. A Perfect Circle’s Billy Howerdel disclosed to the Appetite For Destruction podcast what it was like meeting with Bowie and his influence on his music.

“The root of the question usually was like, ‘What’s David like?’ I can easily answer and go, ‘He’s everything I think you think he is,'” Howerdale said about David Bowie. “He was everything I imagined. A wise, funny, talented, gracious, mature, curious person. He was just a… He was an amazing guy. From the little I got to see of him in a window of personal experience.”

“The inspiring thing about him is continuing to move forward and be curious,” said Howerdale about Bowie’s influence on him. “You know, whether that’s reading a book and getting excited by some factoid in there.” Also, the musician described him as a ‘role model.’ “It was inspiring to me as an aspiring or wannabe artist to have another good role model to stick in your back pocket.”

Billy Howerdel had the chance to work with Bowie in the mid-’90s, as a guitar tech. A Perfect Circle guitarist remarked that Bowie’s curiosity was influential, even if that curiosity originated from reading a book and getting excited by some facts. It was inspiring for Howerdel to have such a good role model since he was an aspiring artist at the time.

You can listen to the interview below.