Billy Howerdel Reflects On Joe Walsh’s Impact On His Style

A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel talked about one of his guitar heroes, The Eagles icon Joe Walsh during his recent appearance on Premier Guitar’s YouTube channel. The musician also shared what he liked about Walsh the most by giving some examples.

While attending West Milford High School in West Milford, New Jersey, Howerdel was interested in an extracurricular audio program that helped him find jobs in the music industry earlier. Therefore, before he became famous as A Perfect Circle guitar player, he was a guitar technician that worked for several iconic groups such as Faith No More, Fishbone, Guns N’ Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Nine Inch Nails, along with Tool.

Working for Tool can be considered the milestone era for his musical career, considering his tenure was how he met with his future bandmate and the band’s frontman Maynard James Keenan. Now, as a guitarist who gained popularity and commercial success and inspired many young musicians during his prolific career, Howerdel has his muses and influences. One of them isn’t surprising for rock music lovers.

Walsh, who became an inspirational figure for many instrumentalists, was among A Perfect Circle guitarist’s guitar heroes. Howerdel defined the guitarist as a national treasure, and a person whose playing style is very tasteful. Then, he drew attention to Walsh’s sense of humor which can be seen in his interviews connected to his music. Walsh’s characteristics and style had an impact on Howerdel’s.

Howerdel said in his interview that:

“Joe Walsh is another big one. I have always liked Joe Walsh’s playing. He’s tasteful. He’s got a great sense of humor if you’ve ever seen him in interviews and things. For some reason, I make that connection with his playing, not that he’s playing cartoon music. There’s something wholesome and amazing. He’s an American treasure.”

You can check out the interview below.