Billy Gibbons Opens Up About ‘Completely Absurd’ Relationship Between ZZ Top And Depeche Mode

ZZ Top lead vocalist 5700 Billy Gibbons was interviewed by Rock Candy Magazine to share his ideas about Depeche Moden and give important details about the unexpected and unusual connection between Depeche Mode and ZZ Top.

As you probably know, ZZ Top was founded in 1969. Since then, it has been regarded as one of the most popular blues-based rock bands even though the band has been through line-up changes over the years, Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard, and Dusty Hill played in various lives shows and produced hit songs together for 51 years until Hill’s death.

After more than a decade, the electronic rock band Depeche Mode was formed and established itself as a prominent figure of the genre. Depeche Mode members didn’t inspire only young musicians but also the ZZ Top icon, Billy Gibbons. According to Gibbons, the band’s writing style and sound are very effective and ‘infectious.’

During his recent interview, Billy Gibbons drew attention to the relationship between ZZ Top and Depeche Mode even though most people think that their styles have always been very different from each other. He described this connection as ‘unexpected’ and even ‘absurd’ and stated that Depeche Mode greatly influenced ZZ Top’s music.

Gibbons stated in his interview that:

“One of the best things about our blues-based rock and boogie band, ZZ Top, connecting with what was happening in the U.K. was an unexpected alliance with the leaders of the electronic music scene, Depeche Mode. That mutual appreciation was a well-guarded secret for the longest time.

Our fans would have thought it completely absurd that we hung out with a band so different from ourselves but we did. The way Depeche Mode used those sounds and the band’s writing style was just so infectious. It was great to see something so different become so popular around the planet.”

In addition, Billy Gibbons revealed that Depeche Mode and ZZ Top members had a chance to meet each other in person and since then, they have been pursuing a friendship and mutually appreciating their works for a very long time.