Billie Eilish Recalls Facing Backlash From Van Halen Fans For Not Knowing The Band

Billie Eilish remembered when Van Halen fans targeted her for not knowing anything about the band following an interview with Kimmel. She shared her views on the backlash during her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As you may remember, in one of her latest interviews, TV personality Jimmy Kimmel asked Billie Eilish to tell Van Halen members’ names, but she answered the question by asking ‘Who?’ Her response caused a serious backlash from Van Halen members and the fans started to post comments and asking ‘Who is Billie Eilish?’

Despite Van Halen fans’ harsh reactions, the band’s bassist and Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang Van Halen, shared a tweet to defend Eilish. Wolf highlighted that it was a normal thing and advised his fans to respect other people’s tastes in music. He added that people should check out both Van Halen’s and the young musicians’ songs as she is really cool.

Then, Eilish reminded Kimmel of his question, which made her look stupid and caused a backlash. She stated that she didn’t expect this kind of reaction from Van Halen fans, but she didn’t care. Her recent statement about not knowing Van Halen can lead to another problem between Eilish and the band’s fans, and it’s not sure whether Wolf will support her once again.

Eilish talked about these times, saying:

“Do you remember the last time I was here, and you made me look a little stupid? I thought it was funny because I was playing along, and everybody thought it was actually serious, and I didn’t know anything but I didn’t care.

You can watch the video below.