Bill Bruford Shares The Song That Put Yes Together

Former Yes drummer Bill Bruford recently spoke to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Jason Hanley and Andy Leach and named a hit track from the band that was very special for them. The artist shared some details about the song’s contributions to the group and himself.

Yes’ lead singer Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Peter Banks, keyboardist Tony Kaye, and drummer Bill Bruford initially became famous for their cover versions of popular rock, pop, blues, and jazz songs along with their works. After their earlier records, the band decided to change their style and became increasingly interested in progressive rock music, which brought fame and commercial success to them.

As one of these popular hits, the iconic group dropped their fourth studio album, ‘Fragile,’ on November 26, 1971. It got critical acclaim with its well-crafted tracks and became an inseparable part of the genre in time. Moreover, during his interview, Bruford highlighted the importance of one track from the album, ‘Heart of the Sunrise,’ which is also most of Yes’ longtime dedicated fans’ favorite song.

The drummer described the song as a defining moment in their careers as professional musicians. He thinks it served as a template for them for their future works. Bruford stated that ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ helped the band members to create more progressive works and guided them on how to work collaboratively. The musician unveiled that it was memorable for him because he was its co-writer which made him realize that he could do it too.

Here’s what the host asked:

“You have talked about one of the songs that you played on, ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ by Yes from 1971 of ‘Fragile,’ of course. One of my favorite songs that a bass solo by Chris Squire; that’s fantastic. But that song is so much going on in that. You mentioned even in the liner notes that for you, that was sort of a moment for Yes to start to come together, this idea of collaboration. You guys were clicky at that time. Can you talk a little bit about that?”

Bruford responded:

“We were on ‘Fragile,’ which is the fourth album. Before that, in my opinion, everybody has their opinion, we hit with ‘Heart of the Sunrise,’ the song that you mentioned. I think we all agreed that this was a good verge, a template for how we should go about doing things, marks of longer progressive songs.

We liked that, and that was ready to go. Then, on a similar basis to that template came close to the edge, which was the last record I made with the band. ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ remains a very strong piece of music for me personally and emotionally. I even wrote it a little bit, so I was encouraged to do that.”

You can check out the video and song below.